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About Us

Pomeroy Development creates residential, commercial, and

mixed-use real estate assets in underserved rural communities throughout Kansas.

Justin Pregont, Developer

Justin has ten years of experience in local government administration, capital project management, and economic development. Justin also has five years experience in real estate development and property management. Justin’s most recent development work includes the construction of 1913 Apartments (2020), a 17-unit historic preservation and adaptive reuse project, and volunteer consulting work in the development of Fox Theatre Atchison (2019). Justin and his wife, Melinda, live in Atchison, Kansas with their two children.


What is the role of a developer?

Think of a developer as a producer of a movie. There are directors, actors, crew members, legal work, financing, and more to align to make the movie actually happen. Without the center spoke of a producer a movie would go over budget, miss deadlines, or might not happen at all.


In a very similar way, a developer keeps the details of a real estate project moving forward. The developer communicates with local government, banks, historic societies, architects, builders, and other vendors to keep a development project on schedule and up to quality standards.


Pomeroy Development is passionate about breathing new life into vacant, historic buildings in rural and underserved markets.

Executing a real estate development project is no easy task and we take great pride in being a development company that specializes in small, yet difficult projects in historic and underutilized buildings.


Why can’t we revive that beautiful, but long-vacant storefront building downtown? Why can’t we create apartments in our existing stock of historic buildings? We can and we should.


Why? Because the journey between the first scribbles on a scrap of paper to walking through the door of a finished building is a reward on its own. There is no greater joy than creating something the entire community can be proud of while saving the iconic buildings that define our sense of place.

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Our signature development style


We take great care in finishing our properties with quality countertops, appliances, and lighting.


Each property has it's own story to tell and we strive to make it shine in its own unique way.



We focus on downtown properties which puts our tenants in walking distance of so many local amenities.


Samuel Clarke Pomeroy

Samuel Clarke Pomeroy:
The inspiration for our name

Samuel Clarke Pomeroy (January 3, 1816 – August 27, 1891) was a United States senator from Kansas in the mid-19th century. He served in the United States Senate during the American Civil War. He was the mayor of Atchison, Kansas, from 1858 to 1859, the second president of the Atchison, Topeka and Santa Fe Railroad. He was very keen on investing back into Atchison — even during it's humble pre-city beginnings.


To us, he embodies being civic-minded and investing back into his local community through development.

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