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Projects for the City of Atchison

Justin Pregont

Assistant City Manager

Public Works, Utilities, and Economic Development


Holiday Inn Express

Worked closely with the Atchison Hospitality Group on developing a downtown Holiday Inn Express from recruiting capital investors to site selection and through the completion of construction.


E-Community Partnership

Initiated the Atchison E-Community Partnership with NetWork Kansas, which has led to 24 small business gap financing loans in the Atchison community totaling over $1 million in just three years.


STAR Bond Project

Collaborated with City staff, community stakeholders, and citizens in the development of the smallest STAR bond project in the history of the state of Kansas with funds contributing to the Amelia Earhart Hangar Museum and the construction of pavilions for the Atchison Farmers’ Market ($2.1 million).


Arbor Lane Project

Negotiated a development agreement with Caudle Development for the construction of the Arbor Lane Project, which will see 48 new single family lots developed utilizing special obligations bonds.


Rainbow Communications

Collaborated in the successful recruitment of Rainbow Communications, a fiber internet provider with speeds up to 1 GB/sec, to enter the Atchison market, including service to the Shannon Industrial Park.

Comprehensive Planning

Worked with a team of internal staff to deliver a new Comprehensive Plan (2016-2030) and an Infill Housing Development Guide from scratch without incurring expenses for a third-party planning consultant.


Project Point of Contact

Served as the point contact for the City of Atchison in securing a Housing Needs Assessment (Novogradac), a Development Opportunity Profile (NetWork Kansas), and participation in USDA’s Rural Placemaking Innovation Challenge (Atlas Community Studios & McClure).



Authored or collaborated on over $10 million in grant awards benefiting the City of Atchison as well as community non-profits such as Theatre Atchison, Atchison Child Care, and Highland Community College.


Capital Projects

Managed over $50 million worth of capital projects ranging from downtown streetscapes to special event venues to wastewater treatment plants.

Assisting in Downtown

Screen Shot 2022-04-19 at 10.42.24 PM.png

Downtown Atchison has seen a renaissance of redevelopment over the last 15 years. The Atchison community has seen the following major projects undertaken during that time:

  • Riverfront Park Development Project (2004)

  • MGP Ingredients Corporate Campus (2006)

  • 50+ Residential Apartments (multiple years)

  • $11m YMCA Facility Expansion (2017)

  • $6.5M Holiday Inn Express Construction (2017)

  • $2.5M Fox Movie Theatre Construction (2019) 

  • Riverfront Trail Extension Project (2019)

  • 2nd Street Corridor Project (2019) 

  • Commercial St. Streetscape Projects (2002, 2018, 2021) 

  • Main Street Corridor Project (2021-2022)

Many other projects, such as Willie’s Sports Pub, Elizabeth’s Special Events, Muddy River Guitars, Spring Venture Group, Red Light Gallery, the Switchboard Lofts, the Sunflower, HC Style Co., Harvest Video, Backroad Atlas, and many, many more have incrementally made a huge difference in quality of life, especially for downtown residents.

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