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If you are confident with the bulk of your development project but feel lost when it comes to specific areas of expertise - this is the service for you. Pomeroy Development can help guide you through those specifics as consulting developer. This service option gives you access to our years of experience in historical development as well as our network of contacts.

Areas of Expertise

Building Assessment

Pomeroy can take a look at your building and give you recommendations on the feasibility of the project from a development perspective.

Communicating with City Partners

Often developers struggle with what information to present to a City Counsel. Pomeroy can help you perfect your presentation and look for the right data.

Builder Relations

Keeping your project on time and on budget is imperative. Pomeroy can share tips to create a great working relationship with your construction company.

Pivoting around Hurdles

Every project will have a hurdle. Whether it's financing fall through, or supply storages, Pomeroy can help talk you through your project pivot.

Creating Community Buy-in

Pomeroy can advice you on the marketing and public relations aspect of keeping the public informed and excited about your project.

Financing and Funding

Creative and collaborative financing options are what drive new development. If you are feeling lost when it comes to the financial structure of your project, Pomeroy can help.

Architect and Interior Designer Relations

Most of the time developers are not designers and have trouble communicating ideas to an architect or interior designer. Pomeroy can help you bridge the communication gap between you and your creative partners.

Historical Society Relations

Pomeroy is passionate about renovating historical buildings. That process often requires approval from a historical society. We can show you how to clearly communicate your project goals to your governing body.

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