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Real Estate Development

Pomeroy Development specializes in residential and mixed-use real estate projects in underserved rural communities throughout Kansas. 


If you are looking for a developer who can juggle the responsibilities of communicating with local government, banks, historic societies, architects, builders, and other vendors to keep a development project on schedule and up to quality standards - we are the development company for you. 

Areas of Expertise

Building Assessment

Pomeroy can take a look at your building and give you recommendations on the feasibility of the project from a development perspective.

Communicating with City Partners

Pomeroy will work with the City Counsel or other governing bodies to get the project green-lighted. 

Builder Relations

Keeping your project on time and on budget is imperative. Pomeroy will keep open communication with the selected builder for the project in insure everything moves along smoothly.

Pivoting around Hurdles

Every project will have a hurdle. Pomeroy will guide the project through each and every pivot.

Creating Community Buy-in

Pomeroy will advise on the marketing and public relations aspect of keeping the public informed and excited about your project.

Financing and Funding

Creative and collaborative financing options are what drive new development. Pomeroy will create a financing structure for the project.

Architect and Interior Designer Relations

Pomeroy will communicate with the architect and/or interior designer about structure and aesthetic choices for the project.

Historical Society Relations

Pomeroy is passionate about renovating historical buildings. That process often requires approval from a historical society. We will clearly communicate project goals to the appropriate historical governing body.

Recent Development Projects

An 18,000 square foot, 17-unit apartment project utilizing historical tax credits

A reimagination of a 100 year old firehouse into a 3,000 square foot loft home 

The renovation of a run down movie theatre into a state-of-the-art movie experience

Do you think your project is a good fit for us?
Let's talk.

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