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1913 Apartment restoration progresses

Updated: Jun 21, 2022

A vision to revitalize and restore some apartment living to the original YMCA building within the downtown corridor has been put into motion.

Justin Pregont, who serves as assistant city manager but said he is pursuing the project on his own time as a private citizen, recently approached Atchison County leaders to share his vision to develop the historic portion of the 105-year-old YMCA building into living quarters at the corner of 4th and Commercial.

Pregont told commissioners he has investors in the proposed project, but it’s a ways from complete fruition. Pregont asked commissioners for their support and explained one of the first steps for the project is acquisition of the building and to apply for historical registrations and grant funding. Pregont said he expects to participate in the Atchison County Neighborhood Revitalization and Tax Rebate Incentive Plan.

As the plan advances from the speculation phase, more information will unfold for public disclosure, Pregont indicated.

On Aug. 28, commissioners all gave their thumbs up and signed an agreement letter of intent and adopted Resolution No. 2018-1442 in support of a development plan by Justin Pregont to convert a vacant building into apartment housing located at 325 Commercial St...

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